About Us

Welcome. If traditional medicine has been unable to help you, or if you are simply looking for a natural approach to better health, you are not alone. Demand for natural health care is growing rapidly, but this doesn't diminish your need to have confidence in your doctor's medical training and skill. At Innovative Health & Wellness Center we believe that the combination of medical science and natural therapies is the key to responsible, safe and effective health care.

Dr. Cindy Howard and Dr. Steven Zaeske are board certified chiropractic internists. A Chiropractic Internists is a physician who specializes in treating ailments that occur within the human body without the use of surgery. Chiropractic Internists must complete over three hundred hours of post-doctoral education and training in the use and assessment of medical diagnostics and the utilization of natural treatments. Because of this training and experience we are uniquely qualified to provide our patients with both sound medical assessment and the best in alternative analysis and treatment.

Holistic Healthcare

We provide holistic healthcare. This means we seek to treat the root cause of your problem in a comprehensive manner. Symptoms are important, but they often only reveal what lies at the surface. To identify the root cause of your problem we will assess and address the 6 key factors of health as they pertain to you:

  • Toxicity
  • Immune system function, to include allergy assessment
  • Major organ & gland function
  • Nutrition
  • Digestion and bowel function
  • Physical structure
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