Nutritional Blood Analysis

At Innovative Health & Wellness Center, when analyzing our patientsí blood analysis results, we utilize a "wellness model." While most clinicians only mention the specific items that are outside of what is known as "clinical ranges," we assess your test results using an ideal or "functional" range.

Clinical Ranges vs. Functional Ranges

Clinical ranges are based largely on data from sick people and by the time some tests exceed the clinical range, the damage is already done to your body. The functional range is based on the ranges found in healthy people and is used to assess risk before disease develops, as well as to identify nutritional needs. Functional laboratory ranges have been developed over the years from several sources; with a majority of them have come from the American Association of Clinical Chemists, the authority on lab testing in the U.S. These functional ranges are derived from collecting data from healthier populations, as research shows that healthier populations produce much stricter ranges.

How do we correct functional problems?

Strategies such as lifestyle, diet, nutrition and other non-invasive therapies can be used to correct functional problems.

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